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Non Conventional Energy

With increasing demand for energy and with fast depleting conventional sources of energy such as coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc. the non-conventional sources of energy such as energy from sun, wind, biomass, tidal energy, geo-thermal energy and even energy from waste material are gaining importance. This energy is abundant, renewable, pollution free and eco-friendly.

It can be more conveniently supplied to urban, rural and even remote areas. Thus it is capable of solving the twin problems of energy supply in a decentralized manner and helping in sustaining cleaner environment. It is the energy of the future. No wonder, non-conventional energy is fast catching the imagination of the people in India.

According to energy experts, India’s non- conventional energy potential is estimated at about 1, 95,000 MW. An estimate of 31 per cent of this potential comes from sun, 30 per cent from ocean-thermal, 26 per cent from bio-fuel and 13 per cent from wind.

Foundation aims at promoting use of non-conventional energy sources through awareness and research in the areas of:

    • Solar Energy
    • Solar Thermal Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Biogas
    • Small Hydro Power
    • Geothermal Energy:
    • Tidal Energy
    • Wave Energy
    • Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
    • Energy from Waste




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