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Corporate Communication

The role of communication is not confined to academic phase of life but goes beyond it. Often people are self-assured that they are expert, skilled in their domain area and hardly pay attention to clarity of expression and communication behaviors. In reality, Communication is a learned verbal and non-verbal skill that must be continually refined. Further, the corporate sector has diverse culture for production enhancement which calls for every employee to be well versed with communication strategies. It requires a high level of communication competence-an awareness of what’s appropriate for the situation, person, the skills to perform in a specific fashion, and the motivation to do so. Additionally, the effectiveness of an employee grows from a willingness to accept the challenges arising out of cross-cultural communication. So, corporate communication includes strategically, clearly and logically organizing thoughts followed by communicating expectations, explanations, asking, informing and responding to the person/situation. Certainly, the role of communication in corporate is complex. One needs to acquaint self with the art and science of effective communication.


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