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Communication Training

The contemporary era of globalization and competition highly demands for proficiency in English language. Everyone in the work place, irrespective of designation in the present age needs to have an urge to acquire adeptness in English so as to combat the challenges of better living. As such, Communication training should be such conceptualized so as to equip the learner with the skills that are increasingly sought after in the business/commercial world. But it is no easy tasking to impart and measure the proficiency in English Language skills. The simple reason behind is that there are clusters of skills comprising Communication skills in English, which are - reading, writing, speaking, listening etc. in varying degrees. Its learning has to be imbibed and internalized in such a way that they become second in nature. Also English language is very dynamic. So learning English communication is a continuous cycle of unlearning and learning. Thus the essentiality of English language is the need of an hour which in turn enhance the productivity and capabilities of a person.


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