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Research Counseling (SAGAR Research Academy)

Research counseling activities of the foundation included complete guidance in conduction research in the areas of social sciences. Foundation aims at a long term mission of support and dissemination of research. Research counseling services include, support and guidance and training in;

  • Writing research proposal: A proposal is a request for support of sponsored research, instruction, or extension projects. Good proposals quickly and easily answer the following questions (a)  What do you want to do, how much will it cost, and how much time will it take? (b) How does the proposed project relate to the sponsor's interests? (c) What difference will the project make to: your university, your students, your discipline, the state, the nation, or any other concerned parties? (d) What has already been done in the area of your project? (e) How do you plan to do it? (f) How will the results be evaluated? (g) Why should you, rather than someone else, do this project?
  • Writing research paper:

Step 1: Identify and develop your topic
Step 2: Do a preliminary search for information
Step 3: Locate materials
Step 4: Evaluate your sources
Step 5: Make notes
Step 6: Write your paper
Step 7: Cite your sources properly
Step 8: Proofread

  • Data collection (Secondary):

Govt. Publications
 International Bodies
Semi Govt. Publications
Reports of Committee and Commissions
Private Publications
Newspapers and Magazines
Research Scholars
Unpublished Source

  • Data collection (Primary):

Action research
Case studies
Life histories
Ethnographic research
Longitudinal studies

  • Data entry

Data entry in MS Excel
Data entry in SPSS
Data entry in Access
Data entry for primary data
Data entry for secondary data



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